Frequently asked questions

Are there also frames for Sprinter before 2006?

Due to low demand, we are currently unable to offer frames for the first generation Transporter. The frames on offer do not fit vehicles before 2006.

HERE in the store you can purchase a discounted universal part without cut-outs.

Is the frame also available in other colors?

Yes, frames can also be produced in black on request. The material is considerably more expensive, so all black frames cost extra. The additional cost is 30-55 € depending on the size

I have bought a jigsaw puzzle, do I also have to seal the puzzle joints?

Yes, this is absolutely necessary. The puzzle is not waterproof on its own.

Is Sikaflex suitable for bonding and sealing?

Some customers have had bad experiences with Sikaflex, which is why we do not recommend it. A suitable sealant, which has been tested in the laboratory by the manufacturer with the adapter frame, can be purchased in our store.

To the sealant

How much sealant do I need?

We recommend about 3/4 cartridge per frame (40x40).


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